Consulting firm specialized in selective sales development and brand strategy


Founded in Paris in 2021, BAUME AGENCY is born out of a shared passion for the creative universe, heritage craftmanship and luxury. The drive to create a tailor-made consultancy firm with the determined effort to provide outstanding service and personalized support. BAUME AGENCY is guiding brands in their strategic and operational decision-making, as well as accompanying them in their international development.  

 Our human scale and our autonomy offer us the reactivity, flexibility, and the freedom of action we need to advise and offer support to our clients in complete confidentiality.

We are fully committed to develop the brands that trust us to breathe and we claim to do it with devotion and imagination.




20 years of wholesale experience in fashion and the luxury industry, half of which spent at Chloé and at Philippe Model.
Strong department store skills, including SIS and corner openings (wholesale and concession). Exhaustive knowledge of the EMEA and US market and its distribution network.
“ I feel passionate about fashion and the luxury universe and I love to be in interaction with the client. Thinking out of the box, finding solutions that will be beneficial for the business and satisfy the client is my Leitmotif and personally makes me happy”.



International background, 20 years of experience in the industry, half of which  spent within the sales direction at Maison Margiela, Liberty, Chloé and Courrèges.. A proven track record of enhancing business growth in the luxury industry throughout all distribution channels on a global scale.
A strong sensibility for the stakes and challenges of young emerging brands.
“My role as business developer within the luxury industry has evolved tremendously these past years, at the end it all comes down to passion. My esteem and love for the creation process and my connection with the clients are the driving force of my professional life.”


At the heart of our strategy – your needs and expectations.
We will help and guide you to install your vision and we will accompany you in all stages of the development process for your brand.